Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

This show was incredibly popular for close to a decade…the show clearly tapped into the human natural desire to:

1. Become a millionaire

2. Get rich quick

The lottery continues to grow in popularity every year. Lottery statistics show that Americans spent $105.26 billion on lottery tickets last year, making it the most popular form of gambling in the U.S.

Sports Gambling once legalized has exploded in popularity. The total sports betting handle in 2022 was over $93 billion.

Scratch game vending machines are now in every grocery store and any gas station on the Indian reservation will not pass up a chance to cram a few slot machines to steal suckers’ money (I still cannot understand who on earth would drive to a gas station to hit the slots but when I asked an owner of one of these stations in Georgia he said you would not believe how popular they are)…he’s right I don’t believe it.

So why do people get drawn into the mirage of getting rich quickly with very little effort or consistent work?

I will suggest three main reasons but keep in mind I am speaking to an audience that already hit the lottery by being born in North America with our basic needs met without the fear of wars, famine, etc.

I am speaking to those of us fortunate to be physically and mentally able to become financially free if we make it a priority and focus.

  1. Lack knowledge
  2. Lack of focus or direction
  3. Lack of the necessary habits

We all know people that make a lot of money each year and have nothing to show for it.

We also know people that make a modest living but have 10x the wealth of a high-income earner.

It’s not about your income.

It will take you 10x longer to become a millionaire based solely on working harder and pinching pennies.

Let me make this as simple as possible.

You MUST shift your focus to building ATM machines that work FOR you. The best part about these machines is they do not require rest. If you take care of them, they multiply your investment each and every month.

I am going to show you how to become a millionaire in 5 years and I will make this so easy and unmistakable that even my daughter who I took around with me last week to buy homes can explain it to you:

The 5-year millionaire instruction manual will fit on one page. Ready?

Every year for the next 5 years, just buy one $200,000 rental property with Property Rush.

You remember being told money doesn’t grow on trees when you asked your parents for something? They were right…it grows on real estate though. (They really should follow that statement up with this fact)

Let’s break this down really quick:

Buy rental property #1 with $40,000 (before you say hey BJ, that’s a lot of money to start, go check out this article and I can just about guarantee you I can help you find that cash in one of those ways.

Just keep in mind that the first and second rentals are the hardest. Just like the first million is the hardest to make, staying disciplined to get that next one can be just as challenging as coming up with that first down payment.

*If you have struggled with making that leap to property #2, check out this article that explains how you can potentially use the first home as a springboard to get you the second home.*

Buy property #2 with $40,000 in year 2

Buy property #3 with $40,000 in year 3

Buy property #4 with $40,000 in year 4

Buy property #5 with $40,000 in year 5

For easy math here are the assumptions:

$200,000 purchase price with 20% down

Guess what: you are a millionaire in 5 years.

And you only had to put down $200,000 to OWN $1,000,000 in real estate!! 

You can’t do that with your 401k can you? They will not let you put 20% down to buy a mutual fund.

Oh, by the way, I have not even brought up all the appreciation and tax benefit savings. You can learn more about those benefits here, 5 Pillars of Real Estate Investing.

Let’s face it guys:

The cost of living will only increase. Inflation is not going away. Pretty soon the gap between the wealthy and poor/middle class will be DEFINED by how many assets you own and not your annual income.

Turns out the Monopoly game was right all along. You are not getting wealthy from collecting a paycheck after you pass go…you win by building assets until you own the board and nobody else can compete.

Let’s get you on the scoreboard this year. 

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