The Property Rush Recipe for Success in Turnkey Investing

The Property Rush Recipe for Success in Turnkey Investing

My Grandma Hadley makes the greatest salt & vinegar cucumbers. She has grown fruits and vegetables on her farm now for decades and I vividly remember her dinners in the summertime. The entire table would be full of food that they picked from their garden and I can honestly still taste my favorite dish…Cucumbers in vinegar. I know what you are thinking…What the heck are you talking about? Sounds bad…But you cannot knock it until you have tried it!

Funny thing about this Vinegar Cucumber recipe is when I first got married, I asked my amazing wife (who is a phenomenal cook by the way) if she could make this for me. She asked my mom for the recipe and of course, there is no written recipe for this since my Grandma cooks from scratch…So we tried our best to mimic that same taste…And as you can imagine, it did not even come close! In fact, we tried several different times and still have not come close.

As I thought more about this…I realized that it was not so much the recipe, but the actual cucumbers that were homegrown in her garden that we could not come close to copying!
Similarly in business, you will find that we are not by any means the first to come up with the turnkey rental model. It has been around for a very long time…However, as you can imagine, there are massive differences between these businesses and in my opinion, it all begins with having a superior PRODUCT in the right LOCATION.

Just like my grandma’s cucumbers that took her decades of experience to perfect, we have left our roots in Arizona for the much more fertile territory of the Southeast markets like Georgia & Tennessee. You cannot come close to duplicating the type of properties we are able to invest in these areas so it all does in fact start with having the right Assets to invest in.

The true magic happens when you have the right product mixed in with the right people and systems/operations…Because as you would expect, there are other options in Tennessee and Georgia for turnkey rental properties however, this is where having a written recipe does make all the difference.
Similar to my Grandma, our recipe only requires 3 main ingredients. Sounds incredibly simple but trust me, it takes time to get the right people in place to execute the plan:

Here is the Property Rush Turnkey Recipe for Success:

  1. The Home: Any great business has to begin with a superior product or service. Our focus from day one has been delivering a great asset to our investors first and foremost. That starts with purchasing properties that have gone through our vetting process for location, condition, quality and potential for growth. While most people in 2022-2023 complain about not being able to find any properties to invest in with interest rates at 7% or higher, we have been able to consistently find diamonds in the rough that far outperform any of our competitors in the area in regards to cash flow and ROI.
  2. Contractor team: We hit the jackpot with our current remodel team. But we went through dozens of contractors until we found the right partners to work with on every project. We are clear with them about our system and processes and they consistently are able to hit their deadlines and stay within the allotted budget for our projects. 
  3. Property Management: Once we have fixed up the properties to our high standards, our focus lately has been on improving the owner experience and that starts with the acquisition of the home (lending, title, insurance, set up of property management) and then the marketing of the home for lease and finally a leased home with ACH payments set up for our investors to receive their mailbox money.

While this recipe looks incredibly simple and straightforward, I can assure you that it takes a lot of capital and patience and vetting until you are executing at a high level with a turnkey team that can operate at a high level consistently.

In addition to having a winning recipe for success, you can never rest with the status quo. We are constantly searching for new software and tools to improve the overall experience and increase the bottom-line returns for our investors. 

You will notice each month that we are rolling out new products and services that improve the experience such as in-house funding, in-house insurance, cutting-edge technology and software, etc.
We feel that the Greater Chattanooga & Northern Georgia markets are incredibly healthy right now and we will continue to work on finding those diamonds in the rough to keep up with the swelling demand over the last 6 months.

If you are looking to invest in a turnkey property with a company you enjoy working alongside, click on the link below to schedule a call.

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