It Takes a Lot of Work… to Make Something Simple

The headline of Apple’s first marketing brochure proclaimed in 1977, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

That company later became the first 3 TRILLION dollar company (yeah those oil companies were the first to hit a trillion like 75 years ago surprisingly)…But Apple surpassed the 3 Trillion mark because they knew how to make products that a 2 year old could instinctively understand and use.

If you can take something incredibly difficult and make the solution seem simple…You will be successful. That simple (I couldn’t resist).

Think about it…Why do you pay a business coach to further your career? Do you expect them to give you a ton of complicated ideas to discourage you and cause you to panic and fear that you will never get ahead? Absolutely not…Because they know you will not keep coming back to them for advice (for a fee of course). And the more simple and powerful the ideas that they give you…Well, the more you will pay because you earn 10x every dollar you give them in exchange for their simple yet incredibly powerful advice.

In other words, you pay them to take their 10,000 hours of experience that they worked so hard for and boil it down for you into a 4-week crash course that will take you to the next level. 

Because Apple beat Microsoft at the simplicity game. And while those loyalists to the green bubbles tell you all the cool features of their phone and all the stuff it can do…Guess what, nobody cares anymore…Because most people do not even know how to use those neat features. They just want a phone that works every time they want to use it and it doesn’t have any glitches.

The fact that my 3-year-old toddlers can play an iPad game with my 95-year-old Grandpa is as close to a miracle as you will find…Both have about the same exposure to technology and yet both instinctively understand how to operate it in seconds.

Apple techs went through all the mistakes and headaches way before you and then found solutions and packaged them into a nice neat little perfectly packaged item…that they can charge just about whatever they want for.

Simplify Real Estate.

Real Estate can be incredibly complicated…If you make it complicated. Trust me…I have made it complicated before by trying to do a little bit of everything. Land, construction, industrial, commercial, fix and flips, creative financing, rentals both long term and short term…And you know what I realized? I was never going to hit my financial goals if I tried to chase every single shiny object out there.

So I simplified. 

Similar to Elon Musk, who during what he coined “production hell” in 2018, would walk up and down the assembly lines, and if a piece of equipment was not absolutely vital he would continually say delete, delete, delete! This fixation on simplification was the reason why he beat out all the short sellers of Tesla stock to hit his ambitious goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles…(which because of his compensation structure being tied to this goal everyone thought impossible…made him worth over 50 BILLION dollars). 

I would say simplification worked quite well for him.

The Property Rush motto is to simplify real estate. Let me show you what our process looks like after years of refinement:

Our company, PROPERTY RUSH, consists of a handful of people with specific roles to accomplish. Just like an assembly line…No part is more important than the one next to it. They all are there to serve a critical role.

  1. Acquisitions: Find sellers in need of selling their property at a discounted price in A & B class neighborhoods. Then run the numbers in our calculators to determine if they will cash flow at today’s rates and assuming a normal down payment for an investor along with factoring in the assumptions of vacancy and repairs insurance/taxes, etc. If the property cash flows after we crunch the numbers…go to step 2.
  2. Transaction Coordinator: Line up funding, confirm Title is clear and all details are correct, line up insurance, confirm financials & rehab, confirm docs are signed correctly and title is transferred.
  3. Project Manager: Coordinate with the contractors and vendors to complete the work on time and within budget. Once completed schedule photos, 3D Matterport, and cleaning. Then pass it to our property management team.
  4. Property Management: Complete checklist, list property, and vet applicants to find a solid tenant who ideally will be there for multiple years and pay on time.
  5. Refinance or sell the property to one of our qualified & vetted investors.
  6. Repeat.

Brandon Turner with Bigger Pockets coined this process as the BRRRR strategy (Buy, remodel, rent, refinance, repeat) So while I wish I could take credit for this process, the fact is ideas are cheap…Execution is incredibly expensive and difficult to pull off at a high level.

While this process has taken years for us to refine and simplify, our investors have one job to do. 

Skip to …Step 5…and get the financing for the property. 

Simple as that.

(Oh and by the way, we can provide you with funding and insurance along with managing and maintaining the property for you).

This is how business SHOULD be. We like to think we found a gap (shortage in quality investment properties available to the masses) and we are simplifying that process and boiling it down to one simple step.

That is and has been our mission since I moved to the area of the Country that has enough products (homes) to make this model work. 

God Bless those remaining RED States who make this possible.

If this sounds like it may fill a need for you… Awesome… We built this company for that very reason. With people like you in mind.

Have a great week everyone. 

And remember…

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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