Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Work-Life Balance is a Myth


By February 1st each year, 37% of New Year resolutions fail. The top 3 excuses are:

  1. goals were not realistic.
  2. forgot what the goals were.
  3. Did not track progress.

Going into 2023 I have combined all of the knowledge learned from these books along with actually putting in the work to fill out Darren Hardy’s “Living your Best Year Ever” journal.

Atomic Habits

Compound Effect

12 week year

I understand the irony of me posting this on January 18th and many are probably thinking…talk to me about this 6 months from now but let me point out why I have certainty the goals set will have a significantly higher chance of being met this year:

12 WEEK goals > 12 MONTH goals

The concept of work-life balance is a myth and a lie. 

Life is all about “INTENTIONAL IMBALANCE.” 

This means that if I need to form a habit like eat healthier, I need to make a commitment to focus my time and energy on making that a habit. Which takes at least a month of CONSISTENCY and FOCUS. 

If I can then be consistent with that habit for 12 weeks, that becomes who I am, the habit is now second nature, and I can now focus on the next goal when I set my NEW 12 week goals.

This mental shift has been life altering for me. 

I am currently in a period of life where I am beginning a new business venture. This requires intentional imbalance in my life as so much of my mental space and time is devoted to business. 

However, this is just a season of life and we are living with intention so that in the future, I will have the ability to spend more quality time with my family…As long as I make that a focused and intentional priority once I have hit the metrics set for the businesses.

Life is lived in seasons. So should your goal setting.

How are your goals coming this year? 

Any other tips you have found that help you achieve them?

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