Don’t blow smoke up my a**

Have you ever stopped to think where in the world a saying like this comes from?

The origin of this saying “blew” me away (could not resist sorry).

Turns out in the late 1700’s people used to believe that if someone was drowning, that the best way to resuscitate them was to literally blow tobacco smoke (ideally by an enema) up their sphincter. 

They thought this would “dry them out inside” and also stimulate the heart to beat. 


Taken a step further…The humane society took this as a fact and started leaving tobacco enemas near water for people to use to save people.

I am sorry but I know we laugh at those “idiots” back in the day but does anyone remember what happened all the way back in 2020? 

I think a lot of what the government and “scientists” were stating as literal fact will age about as well as blowing smoke up people’s butts to save them from drowning.

Here is the lesson I took away from 2020. Be skeptical. Always question. When someone is overly confident…You should be overly skeptical.

Not cynical…Skeptical. Big difference.

Ask questions. Be curious. And perhaps most importantly whenever you take someone’s advice, look for the actual proof that what they are telling you works.

You have probably heard the saying the older I get, the less I am sure about? That is because if you live long enough, you are less and less surprised when people or things you thought were true end up being a fraud. 

“The proof is in the pudding!”

Yet another weird saying that everyone for some reason says…Here is where that saying came from according to

The expression is an alteration of an older saying that makes the meaning a bit clearer: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words, things must be judged by trying them yourself or seeing them in action, rather than on other factors, such as hearsay.

Well it turns out, I am a huge fan of the saying or belief that the proof of the pudding is in the eating…Because I built a business centered around this very concept.

We are fortunate enough to make money alongside investors that we work with by using the same exact tried and tested recipe that has worked for decades across the country and has withstood the test of time.

When this recipe is followed exactly, it works… Every. Single. Time.

  • No magician relying on smoke and mirror (again, had to get that in somewhere).
  • No fuzzy math.
  • Definitely not blowing smoke up anyone’s behind thank goodness.

Just the same repeatable process. Tried and true that withstands the test of time. Day in and day out.

Combine that with Einstein’s eighth wonder of the world (compound interest) and that is where the true magic really kicks in. 

My goal is to help 20 investors close on a total of 400 properties over the next 5 years. If you are interested in growing your real estate investment portfolio, I would love the opportunity to see if we can help you achieve that.

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