Change Before You Have To

Change Before You Have To

2022 has been the year of massive change. Change in the market as the fed focused directly on cooling the housing market by tightening money supply and increasing the fed rate.

Change in our focus from short term investing in Arizona to the turnkey business model in Tennessee.

Change from a business that was heavily focused in development and construction with a large employee base to the small remote team that now operates the turnkey business in Chattanooga.

Jack Welch advised CEO’s to “change before you have to”

We took Jack’s advice to heart and made the decision to officially open our property management division one year ahead of schedule!

We felt strongly that to be a truly turnkey provider, we had to include property management as a service to ensure our investors receive the white glove treatment they have come to expect when purchasing a home from us.

We will be reaching out to everyone with homes in Tennessee currently and for those of you who are considering a rental property in the Chattanooga area, we would love the opportunity to help you manage your investment properties.

Oh and by the way, another huge factor for us in making the decision to offer property management was pricing. We want to offer the absolute best pricing available in the Chattanooga market while still providing top notch service. We will be taking our 12 years of experience in running a property management business in Arizona, to Tennessee. This includes bringing our flat fee model with a few minor changes, which will in turn save everyone money on their management services.

We are excited to have grown so much in a year that has seen so much contraction.

If you want to learn more about how you can put your money to work for you safely and reliably, let’s jump on a call. >>

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