Ham Porter aka the great Hambino in Sandlot had one of the most memorable scenes of the movie when he went to the pool on a hot day with his buddies, slowly walked down the row of girls sunbathing while winking at them and then he took his time preparing for what would be the greatest entrance into the pool of all time…CANNONBALL!

There is no better way, in my opinion, to enter a pool than fully committing to entering the pool with an old-fashioned CANNONBALL. 

Here is what I know…If I do not just jump right in, chances are high that I will not get into the pool at all.

I have tried inching in slowly while complaining about the temperature and getting mad at the kids as they splash me. Or maybe I dip my toes in only to realize it’s just too cold today and maybe I will just sit and read on the beach or scroll through my phone. 

Bottom line…the cannonball = full commitment. Once your feet leave the ground, there is no turning back. You (and ideally many around you) are getting soaked.

Similarly, with Real Estate Investing, I have found that the best way to invest is to fully submerge myself into a geographical niche and location. (Hence moving my family across the country because I have found a significant opportunity)…and just like the big hambino, I am going to try to make the biggest splash possible so that other investors that work with us get fully immersed in real estate investing.

Since landing here in Knoxville, TN, we have scaled our acquisitions by more than double to help keep up with the demand. My advice to you, if you are still on the side of the pool watching everyone else have fun, is to stop talking and start doing. 

Every investor I have helped buy real estate out here has asked me when the next deal is coming. But they all had to start by jumping in and buying their first.

If you’re ready to jump into real estate investing” click the “view inventory” link below to see what we have to offer.

Remember the best time to buy real estate was 5 years ago…the next best time is TODAY. 

And it is not about timing the market…but time IN the market.

We are entering the hottest months of the year…no better time to cannonball into the real estate pool.


If you want to talk to our team to see who you’re working with use the “schedule a call” link.


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